It is currently planned to air in 2022.

It's amazing to see the author taking it upon himself to share an English Translation.

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When one of them takes it lightly.

" When one of them takes it lightly and the other takes it seriously to be &39;friends with benefits,&39; Uea, a graphic designer who is cold-hearted, always wears a poker face, and &39;King,&39; a programmer who has never wanted to be in a serious relationship with anyone, they made a.

Hi all international fans and readers, The trial reading of Bed Friend in English Version is now available for you here. The Gap novel has an English version In case you&39;re impatiently waiting on The Gap series like me, its English novel translation is out on Meb for 609 (18). But still no plan for Bed Friend ka.

35 parts.

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sky in your heart. I know that is not the case with most Thai BL novels.


But hope you will consider doing up the English version for bed friend.

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Also, Thai 271each volume and Vietnamese 549 are available. I seriously don't know what to say, I just read a few chapters and was baffled by Kinn's character.

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This is a deep and complex story with a lot of baggage between the main characters.

. Were pretty open should you like to see any changes, just let us know. ttu6AMjdJYv8.

Translated novels are understandably higher priced -- often double -- but usually still in an okay price range. TRANSLATOR NewBeginning5 TOTAL CHAPTERS 60 Chapters (Book 1 with 33 chaps 3 special chaps, Book 2 with 27 chaps) STATUS Completed MAIN COUPLE Vee, Mark SYNOPSYS Vee is a campus moon who is named as godfather of universities because of his handsomeness. The link. Status Completed. . .




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